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Lost Property

It is highly advisable to invest in travel insurance when travelling to a foreign country. Don’t leave home without it! This will cover medical expenses, luggage theft or loss and for cancellation or delays to your travel arrangements. Make sure that you know what your policy covers. Ticket loss may be covered by some types of travel insurance. Sometimes paying for things with your credit card provides some form of insurance. In this case it is important to enquire with your credit card company to be sure about what is covered.

A good idea it to photocopy all important documents that you intend to travel with, for example passport,  visa, credit cards, travel insurance policy, driving licence and tickets for travelling. Leave one photocopy of each important document with somebody at home and keep another with you separate from the originals.

Petty theft is a big problem in most big cities frequented by foreign tourists and Florence is no different. We suggest keeping a limited amount of money as cash and as much as possible in a more readily replaceable form such as travellers cheques or as credit cards. If your temporary accommodation has a secure safe, leave money and documents there.

Pickpockets and bag-snatchers are endemic to Rome and Naples but you should also be on your guard in Florence. Try keeping your money in a money belt underneath your clothing. If you are carrying a bag or camera try and ensure that the strap is across your body and away from the road, this may help deter bag-snatchers.  Be careful in major train stations, shopping areas and near important tourist sites.  Be aware of groups of pickpockets, including women and children, who like to take advantage of naïve tourists.  They have developed many cunning ways of parting you from your money and valuables.

In the event of lost passport it’ll be necessary to get a stamped police statement (denuncia or questura) to present to your embassy or consulate, for any other lost items there’s little point in bothering with the police.

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