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Books on Florence

The Stones of Florence’ – Mary McCarthy

An absolute must for students of the Renaissance, Mary McCarthy expertly coveys an astute insight into everyday Florentine life as well as the great Florentine figures such as Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Dante and Donatello, whilst combining the history of Florence and the role it plays in art, architecture and Italian culture. Mary McCarthy manages to do this by portraying through the pages of this extended essay on Florence, her Florence, one that you will want to visit again and again.  A truly unique city.

‘Florence – The Biography of a City’ – Christopher Hibbert

A unique blend of past and present, Christopher Hibbert brings to life Florence, a city of art, social history and archaeology. By reading this book you will gain an understanding of the development of Florence over the years and discover many wonders that can still be visited today, as well as reading interesting stories about people who have been fundamental in forming the magical treasure chest the city of Florence offers. Complete with photographs and illustrations ‘Florence – The Biography of a City’ is a book that everyone should read before coming to Florence.

‘Brunelleschi’s Dome’ – Ross King

A truly fascinating account of the construction of Brunelleschi’s Dome with all the rivalry and intrigue surrounding it and the engineering marvel involved, indeed a marvel that still today is visited by millions of tourists. From madman to genius, Brunelleschi is presented to us like no way previously seen as the story behind one of the greatest engineering puzzles of the Renaissance is told.

‘The House of the Medici’ -  Christopher Hibbert

An interesting and intriguing look at the powerful Medici family and their reign over Florence in the 1500s, bringing insight into the politics and violence surrounding Florence at that time. ‘The House of the Medici’ therefore provides an accurate look at Florentine life in the Medieval and Renaissance city, the rise and fall of the Medici family themselves and the artists that the Medici family supported including Galileo, Botticelli and Michelangelo, who greatly contributed to the fine city of Florence we can see today.

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